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Producing Ideas

Afkam AG excels in production and marketing, ensuring market success upon product launch. Their services encompass profitability calculation, target market definition, production planning, sales structure development, patent protection, and comprehensive marketing.
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Concept Development

In order to develop a basic idea to a finished product, our team of engineers and economists creates a far-sighted concept that fully maps the development process.

Functional Prototype

We have the opportunity to use the Research & Development farm owned by Save the Planet Asia Holding to carry out all technical work steps. At the Research & Development Farm, we have full access to one of the most modern machinery for wood, plastics and metal processing.

Industrial Design/Mass-production

As early as the planning process, our technical staff and engineers optimize the product with a view to efficient mass production. With our experienced team, we manage to build an optimal combination between design, functionality, quality and cost efficiency.


Profitability Calculation

At AFKEM AG, experts from the technical and economic divisions work together in a constant exchange. Thus, we are able to create the most precise demand- and market analyses and thus implement the right solution.

Definition of Target Markets

Regarding the fields of energy and environment, we can provide maximum expertise and a close network consisting of local and international business players. By analysing the requirements, we can identify the most attractive target markets for a market launch.

Costs and Production Planning

In addition to the calculation of manufacturing and logistics costs, we also assume the development of an optimal infrastructure to ensure efficient production.


Development of Sales structure

Over the last years, we have partnered with investors and companies on all continents to build a global network that we can draw on. Concerning each new development, we qualify suitable distribution partner in the target markets we have defined. In doing so, we offer business opportunities for technology-conscious investors.

Patent Protection

A significant factor for the success of our business is licensing and patenting. We see the protection of products and technical development from unwanted imitation as essential. Our inhouse lawyers are specialists in the field of industrial property rights and ensure all necessary patenting and licensing processes.


Our marketing services ensure your product thrives post-launch with strategic sales structure development, robust patent protection, and ongoing marketing efforts, securing lasting market presence and growth for all our projects.