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Revolutionizing Industries Through Innovation
& Sustainability.

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Our core mission revolves around pioneering advancements in both domestic and international markets within the following industries:

  • Sustainable energy generation

  • Water treatment technologies
Our commitment extends beyond mere product development to encompass comprehensive services, alongside the strategic trade and exploitation of all associated rights.

Integrating Research and Production Phases for Optimal Results

AFKEM excels in providing customized solutions from concept to execution. Our expertise spans innovative process design, production efficiency enhancement, and regulatory compliance assurance. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, we deliver exceptional results, making AFKEM your trusted partner for industrial success.
  • Concept Development
  • Development of A Functional Prototype
  • Industrial Design / Optimization for Mass Production
  • Profitability Calculation and Analyzes
  • Definition of Potential Target Markets
  • Costs and Production Planning
  • Development of A Sales Structure
  • Patent Protection
  • Prototyping as a Service